Glow in the dark ghosts - both for indoors and outdoors..

Take 2 kitchen paper towels . Crush one and keep it inside the other one. Tie it using a rope or elastic band. Draw eyes using sharpie. This is the easiest and cheapest way to make ghosts. But if you are going to hang the ghost outdoors then paper towel wont work. White plastic bags or trash bags work out fine even if there's rain or snow or wind. But instead we used a plastic mattress cover from dollar tree (shower curtain and party tablecloth was out of stock in my dollar tree) . If the ghosts are going to be outside why not make glow in the dark here it goes

Materials we used

1. Plastic mattress cover from dollar tree
2. Styrofoam balls in various sizes from dollar tree
3. Glow in the dark paint from here  
4.Foam brushes
5. Elastic bands
6.Black sharpie
7.Needle and thread

How we did

1. We painted the styrofoam balls first.

2. Cut the mattress cover into rectangular shaped pieces- just eyeballed it.
3.While the paint was drying we made a few ordinary ghosts. Crushed a rectangle and kept it inside the 
another rectangle piece .Put the elastic band and draw eyes with sharpie.

4,After the paint dried we put one styrofoam ball in each rectangle piece and made glow in the dark ghosts. 
5.We made about 20 ghosts and tied them to the trees using needle and thread.

Here is the glow in the dark ghost in action

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Halloween Trick or Treat - Free Halloween Lunch Notes

Lunch love notes in lunch bags make lunch time extra special.. And here are some fun halloween themed lunch love  notes designed by me using photoshop and cliparts from DOWNLOAD LINK BELOW

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Heart Bookmark - Simple Homemade Gift for the class

This craft was done by me and Dee exactly 3 months back as a valentine's gift for her school friends.. But it can be given as class gift anytime especially the end of the school year.

Heart Bookmark

Materials Required

Acrylic paint or any paint
Foam sheets in different colors
Popsicle Sticks
A little helper

How we did it

1. Took the popsicle stick and drew a few lines. Made a dot between 2 lines so that Dee know where to paint

2. Cut hearts from foam and glued it to the popsicle stick using glue dots. White glue might work but might take a while to dry.

3. Put each bookmark in a rectangular piece of design paper . Dee wrote each friends name on the back.

That's it!!!. A simple but cute gift

Materials from