DIY angry birds bingo- FREE PRINTABLES

This is one of the things i loved creating using photoshop though i dont know pretty much anythg about photoshop...I spent about 5 hours in making the bingo cards... Made about 10 different bingo cards ,,,i wanted to do the pictures in the calling cards too but since i couldn't find time i simple wrote the words in the thin strips of angry bird colored cardstock ,,, only a couple of kids who were not into angry birds had trouble identifying couple of pictures when i called out the card...


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Absolutley Grateful for the template!!!! Thanks so much!

Thank you You SAVED the Day!!!!!

Thanks so much..this will be a nice addition to my son's party!

You are welcome.. have a great party..

Thanks for posting! They are awesome! We are using it at my son's birthday party as well in a few weeks!

Could I get the calling cards emailed to me?

Great Idea! but some how I am unable to download the Bingo cards, Please help!

Go to this link to download. I tried and download worked fine.. Let me know if you were able to download

i have a stupid question how do you play? do I write down the name of every image and just call them out. What if I don't know the names of the characters or picture

Cool. Angry Birds are a hit so most kids will enjoy just having the pretty colored cards in their hands, even if they are too young to understand how this particular game is played. Good idea that can be applied to other games.

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