DIY Bathtub crayons that works and doesnt stain!!!

This has been on our to do list for a very long time...every recipe i saw used food coloring ...but i was pretty skeptical to use the food color becoz of 2 it stains the skin,bath tub and second reason stuff gets thrown around the bathtub when Ri is taking a bath.. so after much thought i used the non toxic  safe on skin water color instead of the food far it has been good and both my girls are using jus to draw only on the walls and the tub and not on themselves...

Materials :

Any white soap ..we got a 3 pack jergens soap from dollar tree since they were out of ivory tree
Non toxic skin safe watercolor or food color ..I got this HERE
A little cute helper

How we did it:

1.Dee grated the soaps.

2. Then we added water and mixed it

3.Then we separated into 6 balls and added 6 colors to it and kneaded it well..

4. Placed it in silicone molds and kept it in the freezer for 10 minutes,... It was still wet and so air dried it overnight.

5. Morning it was ready to use and we tested on the bath tub and walls and the darker colors was very visible.. Pink was cute too ...Most importantly cleanup was a breeze

I was  even able to scribble in the mirror with them...

Now fingers crossed that atleast i get one comment for this post!!!!


I wonder if this would work with natural colorants like turmeric, beet juice, etc. We have an intolerance/reaction to standard petrol-based food coloring. I hear good things about natural liquid food coloring from Chocolate Craft, India Tree, Seelect, Maggie's Naturals, and some ChefMaster products. Very cool idea!

Gonna try this tonight for my daughter! I'll let comment w/how it works!

I think turmeric will stain the tub.. it will eventually go but takes days to fade away.. dont know much about the other food coloring.. Thanks for visiting!!!!

Hope it worked great for ur daughter as much as it did for mine!!!.Thanks for visiting

One question! How much water do we add per ratio of soap? I am SUPER excited to try this with my boys! THANK YOU for this post - my 7 year old sees me making jewelry for my etsy shop ( and iPhone cases for my [other] etsy shop ( and has been telling me he wants to make his own store. There's just too many steps - and parental supervision - required for other types of projects, and this seems like something that both him and my 5 year old would have fun doing! CANNOT WAIT to try this! Fingers crossed... you may have just started my 5 & 7 year old sons' mini empire / business! ha ha ha!

Those are toes not fingers ;) Thanks for the recipe! I will definitely have to do this! :)

what fun! and it sounds pretty easy/kid friendly!
good work momma!

Thanks for stopping by Robin!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments..

So cute! It's so nice to see all the pictures and what it will realistically turn out looking like!

I am new to this, as we have recently decided I would be a Stay-At-Home-Nonnie (5 year old grandson)....where do I get watercolor dye? I made bath paint with food coloring, but it stains the grout....thanks for your board!!

thanks for posting pics of the pictures the crayons draw! most people don't, which makes our jars to judge the recipes fairly

Hi I love the idea,its simply great...does it live a stain on bedding or bed sheets?????

Hi since we use only for playng in the bathroom not sure if would leave stain.

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